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ACM Crossroads. Volume 17 Number 4, Summer 2011

Tips for going green: Ben Deverett

IEEE Potentials. Volume 30 Number 3, May-June 2011

Achieve Success Through Effective Leadership: R. Hellmann

On Planning Your Career: R. E. Floyd

IEEE Potentials. Volume 30 Number 4, Jul-Aug 2011

Things I wish I knew: S. Seth.

Etiquette for engineers: Tips for getting a great letter of recommendation: R. Candler.

A proofreading tool using brute force techniques: K.A. Olsen, B. Indredavik

Digital to-do: Paperless literature review: T. A. Bjarnason

IEEE Computer. Volume 44 Number 5, May 2011

The Developer's Perspective: C. L. Huntley.

IEEE Computer. Volume 44 Number 6, June 2011

Transforming Computer Science Education in High Schools: J. Kuny.

Special Technical Communities: Dejan Milojicic; Phil Laplante

IEEE Computer. Volume 44 Number 7, July 2011

Programmed Politeness: Kai A. Olsen.

IEEE Computer. Volume 44 Number 8, August 2011

Toward Developing an Education App Store: Charles Severance

Communications of the ACM Volume 54, Number 5, May 2011

Reaching learners beyond our hallowed halls: Brian Dorn

The importance of reviewing the code: Juan Añel

Invisible work in standard bibliometric evaluation of computer science: Jacques Wainer, Siome Goldenstein, Cleo Billa

Communications of the ACM Volume 54, Number 6, June 2011

Simple design; research vs. teaching; and quest to learn: Daniel Reed, Mark Guzdial, Judy Robertson

Who are we---now?: Peter J. Denning, Dennis J. Frailey

Communications of the ACM Volume 54, Number 7, July 2011

Reviewing Peer Review: Jeannete M. Wing, Ed H. Chi

The Status of Women of Color in Computer Science: Maria (Mia) Ong

Non-Myths About Programming: Mordechai (Moti) Ben-Ari

Passing a Language Through the Eye of a Needle: Roberto Ierusalimschy, Luiz Henrique De Figueiredo, Waldemar Celes

Communications of the ACM Volume 54, Number 8, August 2011

From interests to values: Betsy DiSalvo, Amy Bruckman

Journals for certification, conferences for rapid dissemination: Joseph Y. Halpern, David C. Parkes

Gender and computing conference papers: J. McGrath Cohoon, Sergey Nigai, Joseph "Jofish" Kaye

ACM INROADS. Volume 2 Issue 2, June 2011

CURRICULAR SYNCOPATIONS: When is a computing curriculum bloated?: Henry M. Walker.

Tools for "contributing student learning": John Hamer et. al

Nature Volume 473, Number 7345 (5 May 2011)

A how-to for peer review: Alison Abbott

Nature Volume 473, Number 7346 (12 May 2011)

Those who can: An initiative from Scientific American aims to find 1,000 scientists to visit schools, help teachers and boost US education.

Nature Volume 474, Number 7352 (23 June 2011)

Researchers tweet technical talk: Eugenie Samuel Reich

Nature Volume 474, Number 7353 (29 June 2011)

Mentoring: On the right path: Alison McCook

Nature Volume 475, Number 7355 (13 July 2011)

Communication: The best words in the best order: Laura Bonetta

Too many tasks: Adam James Laura Bonetta

Nature Volume 475, Number 7357 (27 July 2011)

Graduate students: Aspirations and anxieties: Gene Russo

Nature Volume 476, Number 7358 (04 August 2011)

Staying at home: Bryn Nelson

Computing giants launch free science metrics: Declan Butler

Interdisciplinary studies: Seeking the right toolkit: Declan Butler

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